Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL)

Six Facts about Male Pattern Hair Loss

Here are six facts about Male Pattern Hair Loss you (MPHL) probably didn't know:

Hair loss is usually only noticeable when 50% of it is already gone.

Looking in the mirror everyday makes it impossible to see the small changes happening on the scalp as we age. Most hair follicles have 2-3 hairs growing out of them, some may even hold 4-5 hairs. So by the time you notice your hair thinning, half of those are gone.

The good news is if the follicle is still open it can be successfully saved with medical treatment.

MPHL is genetic and progressive, if you don't treat it be prepared to say goodbye

Gents, unfortunately time is not on our side when it comes to keeping our hair. At some stage in our lives most men will be affected, the trick is catching it before it is too late.

Don't blame your mother

There are a number of genes are responsible for MPHL and they probably come from BOTH parents (not passed down from the mothers side of the family as many people believe)

It's more common than you think

We all know that the chance of going bald increases as you get older, but did you know the occurrence is almost inline with each decade of your life? ie: 30% at age 30, 40% at age 40, 50% at age 50 and so on...

Men only get concerned  about hair loss when it starts happening to them

A study suggested only 8% of non-balding men stated that going bald would concern them, while 50% with mild hair loss and 75% with moderate to severe hair loss said they were concerned.

Only 5% of male hair loss is NOT genetic

Probably not a major surprise but it does put things into perspective when you read all the possible causes of baldness. The truth is, if you are losing it you can most likely thank your parents for it rather than blaming lifestyle habits.


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