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When to treat Male Pattern Hair Loss – A Race Against Time

Losing your hair is a personal journey that can start in your late teens for some, whilst others may not experience it until much later in life. The reality is for most men it doesn't matter what age hair loss occurs, there's never a good time.

We know that 95% of men's hair loss is genetic. It's progressive, which means the longer you leave it the less hair you'll have on your head. It literally is a race against time.

So when the crop does starts thinning out, when should you do something about it?

 How to spot male pattern baldness before it's too late

Male pattern baldness is a condition that slowly progresses over time. It generally falls out at such a slow pace that it goes unnoticed, until one day you wake and and wonder "what the hell has happened to my hair".

Here's a few quick tips to spot it before it' too late.

  •  Hair receding at the front of the scalp or thinning out at the crown. This is the classic "pattern" hair loss and if you're really lucky you might get them both happening at the same time.
  •  Increased shedding of hair (more hair falling out in the shower, sink, pillow or when styling hair).
  •  Friends or family making a cheeky comment about your hair, or lack of it.
  •  Family History (genetic).
  •  Old photos telling a likely story.
  •  You’re adjusting your hair style or hair product to accommodate for the new found sparseness on the scalp.

 Why men delay treating hair loss

Unfortunately, most men don't take action when they first notice their hair is falling out. The number one reason is that most guys think nothing can be done about it.

For others it's the denial that the hair loss is actually happening. Sometimes this can go on for years and by the time they acknowledge it, it's too late.

Another major factor is the Australian culture. There has been a real stigma attached to guys looking after themselves, which doesn't align with the "macho" image of Aussie men. Thankfully this is now changing.


 When to treat male pattern baldness

By the time you notice you're losing your hair you've already lost about half of it. So when it comes to treating men's hair loss, early intervention is the best strategy.

Studies show that male pattern baldness can be effectively treated with prescription medication.  stopping further hair loss and regrowing hair lost in recent years. There are limitations to how much hair can be regrown, so the earlier you start the better.

Existing medical treatments have changed in recent years and they are more appealing to use in terms of cost, ease of use and effectiveness.

Just remember, if you leave it too long – surgical treatment will be the only effective option. This is an invasive procedure and can be very costly.


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