Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL), Hair Loss Treatments

When to treat Male Pattern Hair Loss – A Race Against Time

Losing your hair is a personal journey that can start in your late teens for some whilst others may not experience it until much later in life. The reality is for most men it doesn't matter what age hair loss occurs, there's never a good time.

So the question is, once you starts falling what should you do about it?

A simple fact, it's much easier to keep your hair than to try and regrow it.

So the sooner you start, the better.

The fact is when you actually start noticing you're are losing your hair, you have already lost 50% of it.

 How to spot MPHL before its too late

  •  Hair thinning on the front of the scalp (receding) or on the crown.
  •  Increased shedding of hair (more hair falling out in the shower, sink, pillow or when styling their hare).
  •  Friends or family make a comment about your hair.
  •  Family History (dad, mum, bother, uncle, cousin).
  •  Comparison of old photos.
  •  You’re starting to adjust your hair style or hair product to accommodate for changes.

 Why do Men delay treatment?

 Unfortunately, most men do not take action when they first notice their hair is falling out for various reasons;

  •  Denial (for the first few months or even up to years in some).
  •  Trust (or lack of trust in the products available to treat male pattern hair loss).
  •  Judgement (concerned about how they will be perceived treating their hair loss).
  •  Existing treatments not appealing (cost, inconvenience, side effects, duration).

 Reasons for treating now

  •  If you think you might be losing your hair, chances are you are.
  •  Medical treatment (prescription strength) can effectively stop male pattern hair loss in its tracks and in some cases get hair back to how it was 2-3 years ago. There is sound scientific evidence to support this.
  •  Male pattern hair loss is progressive so the longer you leave it the less benefits you will get from medical treatment.
  •  Both Men and women go to the gym, remove body hair and do various other things to look their best. There is no reason why men should feel self conscious about deciding to keep their hair.
  •  Existing medical treatments have changed and they are more appealing to use in terms of cost, ease of use and effectiveness.
  •  If you leave it too long – surgical treatment will be the only effective option. This is an invasive procedure and very costly.


  •  The answer is to treat now.
  •  Do your research on available options on the market and start some form of medical treatment as soon as possible.
  •  Avoid getting caught up in the hopes of natural treatments - they have no solid scientific basis. Time is costly, don’t waste it on products that don’t work
  •  Find a treatment program you can maintain long term, there is no cure but with continuous treatment you can keep your hair


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